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By exploring this website you immediately and without any further notice, agree to the following Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) which govern use of the website. The provisions contained in the Terms may be altered by the Company at any time without any notice whatsoever and the amended provisions will take immediate effect upon publication.


PRASTITIS takes every reasonable step to provide accurate and correct information to its website users. However, any information contained in the website is published without prejudice and no information may, in any way, bind the Company.

Website users are strongly advised not to rely on such information and to get in contact directly with the Company for any query. Use of the website does not, by any means, establish any kind of relationship between the website users and the Company.

Any material published in this website is for reference use only. PRASTITIS accepts no responsibility for any damages or losses that users may suffer by relying on any of the material. Moreover, any link to any other Internet website is provided for convenient purposes only. The Company makes no warranties, undertakings or representations in relation to the contents of those websites (including, without limitation, accuracy, quality, completeness, etc. of such content). No responsibility or liability of any kind is accepted by the Company relating the information contained in those websites.


The Website may from time to time contain special offers which the Company may offer to its website’s users. Website users must contact the Company in the way specified in each offer to benefit from it.

The Company reserves its right to renew and/or cancel and/or amend any offer, at any time without any notice, and regardless whether the said offer has in the meantime expired or not.

Images and Gallery

The Website contains images and/or pictures and/or graphics and/or drawings (hereinafter jointly called “images”) of some of the products PRASTITIS offers. The said products may appear in the said images in conjunction with other products that the Company may not offer for sale, either as a real-life example of the use or as a complete proposal of use of the products.

PRASTITIS provides the said proposals for reference or inspirational purposes only and does not ensure and/or propose and/or imply that offers for sale any other product or material which may be contained and/or appeared in an image.

Additionally, the Company warns the website users that a product may differ in texture or color from one shown in an image due to an image’s quality. Therefore, the Company advises the website users to contact PRASTITIS before sending any order and visit the Company’s premises to check the product physically. The Company accepts no liability in case a product does not meet customer’s expectations based solely on the corresponding or related image.

Viruses and other malicious programs

No liability or responsibility whatsoever is to be accepted by the Company for any virus or malicious program of any kind which may harm users’ personal computers. Nevertheless, the Company assures website users that all reasonable precautions to prevent such infections have been taken.

Website operation

Despite the fact that PRASTITIS owns and administrates this website and reserves all copyrights herein, the Company takes no responsibility or makes no warranty for the uninterrupted or error free operation of the website since this service is provided by a third party.


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In cases where such consent is granted, the licensee shall not, by any means, modify, usurp or control the relevant material as if he would have been the legal owner of the copyright.
Website users may download, print, and save any copyrighted material without the need to seek written consent from the Company where they intend to use such material for reference purposes only.


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Any additional, to the above Terms and Conditions, restriction or copyright protection, established by Cyprus copyright legislation shall not be excluded or barred but shall be considered as part of the website Terms.

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